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agencia de comunicación y marketing consultora multidimensional

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One team, endless possibilities, multidisciplinary talent, and a vision without boundaries.

Our team consists of the finest professionals in the industry, uniquely skilled in blending global communication expertise with a profound understanding of the local culture in each market we serve.

Multidimensional Global Campaigns

CMP: Signs From
the Ocean

Many whales perish from ship collisions. In response, CMP launched the "Signs From the Ocean" initiative, employing AI-equipped marine buoys to identify whale sounds. These buoys warn ships to avert collisions. The project has garnered widespread media attention, social media buzz, and has a dedicated website. Whale sounds, once undetectable, are now audible, underscoring the critical need to safeguard marine life.


Our PR team, stationed across Latin America and the United States, draws the industry's top talent, adept at immersing themselves in local cultures to deliver remarkable outcomes.


We boast two distinct teams: Brand PR & Corporate and Public Affairs, united in their mission to advance your business goals, with the backing of MGC experts across all domains to ensure success.


With a vast network of connections to key media and stakeholders in various markets, our PR team guarantees extensive coverage for your narrative, expertly navigates crises, and builds a robust reputational base for our clients.

Our influencer management experts excel in identifying, negotiating with, and assessing influential figures, celebrities, and opinion leaders to magnify your message in alignment with your goals. Leveraging organic content, we ensure a high return on investment for our campaigns.


As seasoned communication specialists, we navigate the digital marketing landscape with ease, bringing forth creative, innovative, and avant-garde projects.


Utilizing the world's most sophisticated influencer measurement and management software, we stay at the forefront of technology, continually updating our tools and techniques.

We redefine marketing excellence, specializing in crafting engaging experiences that elevate your brand to unprecedented levels.

Our approach is creative, fresh, flexible, and, most importantly, multidimensional. Paired with meticulously crafted strategies, we develop digital campaigns and proposals specifically tailored to captivate and convert your target audience into loyal customers and fervent ambassadors. 

We forge stories that inspire, engage, and connect with your audience on a deep level. Our stories not only resonate with the external public but also connect with your collaborators. We are experts in managing internal communications for the human capital of large companies.


We go beyond traditional narrative. Our team includes communication experts directed at your most valuable asset: your human capital. 


These professionals are distinguished by establishing meaningful dialogues with interest groups and are skilled at promoting essential changes during times of cultural transformation.

Our data experts specialize in high-level analysis and reporting. They ensure KPI compliance and help achieve established objectives.


With our data-driven approach, we turn ideas into actionable results. Our experience optimizes campaigns, improves customer experience, and maximizes return on investment (ROI).


This team also develops qualitative and quantitative market studies that impact your strategy and business decisions.


Experience the magic of our Content Lab, where the best creatives, art directors, artificial intelligence specialists, graphic artists, and photographers collaborate to enhance your brand's visibility. 


We specialize in creating attractive audiovisual content that captivates your audience, pushing the limits of creativity to leave a lasting impression.


We mentor teams in diverse disciplines, focusing on improving their communication skills, leadership abilities, and teamwork. By developing bespoke training programs and workshops, we cater directly to the distinct needs of each team and their company, ensuring impactful and relevant learning experiences.


As part of the MGC group, our team of creative professionals, designers, and producers is adept at forging experiences that not only leave a lasting impression but also achieve viral status. We make our clients' communication and marketing campaigns come to life by employing a range of event formats, each customized to the particular aims and circumstances of every project.


Global clients around the world









Global clients across the world


We speak fluent

At MGC, we blend with cultures as effortlessly as songs in a worldwide playlist. 'We Speak Multicultural' is our collective beat, the signature vibe that distinguishes us, and the unique touch in every strategy we deploy globally. We craft campaigns that not only echo across communities but also reshape the cultural terrain with each introduction.


Leading conversations, inspiring actions

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